Hello everyone,

Inoko Australia is THE candle of all candles! I am so glad I found this lovely store via Instagram. They have even featured on the Block in Julia and Sasha’s apartment!

Inoko is brought to you by Sydneysiders Liz and Jen. Both friends and business partners, their candles are made with a lot of laughter, love and care.

With their shared love for adventure, craft and style, as well as through their unique differences.

Each timber piece displays its own unique life lines, created exclusively by Mother Nature herself, bringing a natural style to any setting.

Image and styling Meg Caris

Image and styling Meg Caris

Inoko brings you hand poured soy candles in an array of luxury fragrances. Held in stunning marble, timber or concrete vessels, Inoko candle refills are designed to be replaced at the end of the candle’s life. This ensures that your timelessly beautiful candle vessel will last you a lifetime.

Thank you,

Meg Caris xo